Christmas Centerpieces For Dinning Room Table

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Christmas centerpiece ideas

Not sure if any of you are still here but Hi … I am Aisha, I hope some you still remember who I am haha! I know, I have been MIA for a while, and if I am honest, I feel slightly embarrassed that I haven’t written anything on here since earlier this year (yikes!). Please forgive me! SO much has been going on and I promise to give a thorough update on my health, life and everything else. But for now I wanted to drop in real quick to say “hello” and share a few photos of what I will be using for Christmas centerpieces and how I will be decorating my dinning table.

I love everything about this time of year; from the coziness of a Christmas tree lit to watching big giant snowflakes fall to the ground to drinking hot cocoa to watching classic Christmas movies and to everything else Christmasy… I just love it all. And the best of all, celebrating and rejoicing over the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Shockingly, I don’t mind the cold either. It’s looks so pretty right now with the all white fluff out there. When I think of Christmas I think of snow, cold and being bundled up in comfy warm clothing and blankets. So, winter right now doesn’t bother me one bit, but come February .. haha .. that’s a whole other topic! Temps drop like we live in Antartica in February, and It seems to be a recurring theme for me every February to sit in front of the fireplace with a blanket around me and crying “Why do we live here?!?!?!” poor Marc haha!

Back to Christmas and centerpieces, I think I may have found a new love for decorating tables. It started a few years ago and it is the one thing I reeealllllyyyyy look forward to very much when a holiday is coming up. For some odd reason, I never thought to share any of the photos on my blog until my sister suggested it last week, so here I am! if you’re someone that’s always looking for some inspiration on how to decorate tables, I hope this gives you a little idea 🙂

“And this is the testimony: God has given eternal life, and this life is in His son.” 1 John 5:11

Merry Christmas,


Christmas centerpiece ideas

Christmas center piece ideasChristmas centerpiece ideasChristmas centerpieces ideasChristmas Centerpiece ideasChristmas Centerpiece ideas

Birch Candles: Mama’s Happy

Plates: Pottery Barn

Candle holder: Hobby Lobby

Pine cones and greens: Backmans and Hobby Lobby

Gold plate placemat: Hobby Lobby

Napkins: TJ Maxx

Holiday Champagne glasses: TJ Maxx

Napkin rings: World Market

Mason jar glasses: Target

  • Rachel Blaisdell

    Beautiful as always

  • Breckan

    Beautiful just like you friend & neighbor 😘😘

  • Adria Vazquez

    Beautiful table setting. Before Lyme I would decorate the whole house and the table was so pretty I didn’t want anybody touching it or moving anything. Now I’ve lost interest in all the things I used to love which was decorating my house. I was dangerous going into Marshall’s, I would want to buy everything in their housing department. Love your style Aisha, it’s very welcoming and warm. You should put more pictures. Hugs and Merry Christmas!!