Fall Boyfriend Shorts Outfit

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Fall Boyfriend Shorts Outfit

Hiiii guys!! I feel like I’ve been MIA recently … but I’m back ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been trying to exercise a bit more recently. I used to run and workout 4 days a week before I got sick, I definitely cannot do what I was used to do it, but I want to start somewhere again, ya know? I had a good week a few weeks ago where my legs felt almost back to normal, I cannot tell you how amazing it felt!!! It didn’t feel like I had 50 pounds on each leg, it felt so good! I decided one day to go for a quick run with my husband just to see how I would do … well … I think it was way too much on my body because I felt really sick afterwards! I had these weird internal vibrations (It’s hard to explain what these exactly feels like, but I hate them) that lasted 4 days and my neuro symptoms started to act up. I believe Lyme and Co’s messed up my adrenals, so I am getting them checked out this Friday!!

Anyways, I decided that running is probably not the best thing for me at the moment, so I figured walking and light weights is probably what I will stick with for now!

I walked 4 days and about 15-20 minutes each walk last week, followed by a 15-20 minute very light weight workout then sat in the sauna for about an hour! I ran errands for about 7 hours last Saturday ( I was absolutely exhausted) .. it was our first weekend home in a very long time, so I had a lot to catch up on. Anyways, then Sunday I cleaned the house for about 3 hours … I was just beat by the end of the day. Monday, I was at work and all of a sudden my right leg felt really weird …. I lifted my skirt up and noticed my right shin and calf were super swollen!! I think I’ve been over doing it with all the walking and everything! I currently have my legs elevated with an ice pack on my shin …. and I feel like I am 90!! Where is my young and spry body?!?! I need to figure out a good balance without exhausting myself like this … it’s not good for my body!

Hopefully you won’t be able to see the swelling in these pics, although I think you can kinda see it in my calf .. oh well!

I took advantage of the beautiful weather we had yesterday and busted out my fall boyfriend shorts outfit.ย I am a huge fan of boyfriend jeans and shorts, but I am very picky when I shop for them. Some fit really awkwardly, but both my boyfriend jeans and shorts fit just right! I bought these shorts about a month ago from Target (clearance rack) but I haven’t worn themย until yesterday, for some reason!!

I love wearing them with a casual off the shoulder white t., converse, a hat, and a plaid button down in case it gets a little chilly ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fall Boyfriend Shorts Outfit

Fall Boyfriend Shorts Outfit

Fall Boyfriend Shorts Outfit

Plaid Button Down: Target // White T: H&M // Hat: F21 // Boyfriend Shorts: Target // Converse: DSW

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!! ๐Ÿ™‚



  • denimbeans

    Get it sista!!! I’m glad you’re able to slowly get back into working out!! Boyfriend jeans are the best!! This outfit is adorbs and you look beautiful!

    • Aisha

      I love boyfriend jeans!! Thanks, sista!! <3

  • curlycraftymom

    That plaid shirt looks so pretty and fall-like (is that a word?!) around your waist. So pretty! I really love the hat with the entire outfit, too. I just got a pair of converse and I have been wearing them everyday! I am a runner and it is exhausting… some days get me more then others!


    • Aisha

      Oh, aren’t they just so comfy?! I love my converse!! Thanks for stopping by, Carrie ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ashley

    Those boyfriends are killer on you, babe!

    And good for you for getting back in the swing of things- I’m sure it’s really tough + frustrating sorting out what your body can and cannot handle right now at this stage, but you’re a trooper for taking on the challenge regardless! I’m thinking about you!


    • Aisha

      Thank you so much, Ashley!! It is SO frustrating .. my body feels like it’s 90 haha! I hope one day I can work out like I used to! <3